Phyto Firming Neck Mask

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Apply liberally to neck and décolleté every evening. The effective firming and tightening botanical ingredients re-balance the extra-cellular component synthesis and furthermore increase laminin, collagen and elastin synthesises in the dermis. They inhibit MMPs and elastases (Matrix Metallo Proteinases). Clinical results after 28 and 84 days indicated increased skin firmness, skin tone and a decrease in the colour of stretch marks. To enhance the treatment results the Instant Lifting Serum can be included as the morning treatment. In addition you can boost your skin by adding Instant Lifting Serum to the pure Vitamin C vial for a single dose application. The complete treatment combination is available in the Phyto Firming Duo.

All skin types (Evening)

Direction for use: Apply leave-on mask liberally to neck and décolleté every evening. Store in a cool dry place.

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